Matcha Kyoto 40 gram
Green tea powder - Matcha tea
Genuine Japanese handpicked Matcha tea of high quality of Yabukita cultivar with origin in Uji, Kyoto region. This matcha tea is best suited for Usucha. Usucha preparation is the kind of preparation where less tea powder is used and is a thinner tea. Ceremonial Grade.

Kyoto, Japan

For preparation of Matcha tea, a whisk of bamboo and a bowl is used. Whisk matcha tea with water in a quantity that suits you. The powder will not dissolve in water because it is powdered tea-leaves.

More about Matcha tea:
Genuine Matcha tea is produced from Tencha tea, the tea is shaded from sun about 20 days before harvest and the tea is produced in Japan. The shading reduces photosynthesis and makes the tea bushes produce a high content of amino acid Theanine. There are many grading's of Matcha tea, tea of higher grade has a sweeter taste. Matcha tea is a perishable foodstuff to be stored correctly, we always provide fresh Matcha tea.

The custom of using powder for tea ceremony originated in China, just as using of tea itself. The Japanese have developed the tea ceremony to the Japanese tea ceremony as is today, while the Chinese entirely shifted to use of loose leaves with focus on making the tea itself. Matcha is a powder made from ground Japanese green tea. This matcha tea is stone-ground high quality Matcha tea. It is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, as a health drink and to flavor various dishes and pastries.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Taste: Strong, but sweet taste of Japanese green tea
Appearance: Green tea powder

Preparation: 2 teaspoons of matcha, 2dl bowl, 80 °C water. Whisk for a longer while and drink. The tea leaves are not dissolved into the water.
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