Matcha tea - Green tea powder
Genuine stoneground matcha tea of cultivar Yabukita with origin in Kyoto region in Japan. This is a quality matcha tea best suited for Usucha preparation (thinner tea) or for cooking.

Matcha tea is a powder made from ground Japanese green tea of high quality. Genuine Matcha tea is produced from Tencha tea, the tea is shaded from sun before harvest and the tea is produced in Japan.

Kyoto, Japan

Even China is producing ground green tea powder that often is called Matcha, but the production method is different and the tea bushes are not shaded from the sun. The custom of using powder for tea ceremony originated in China, just as using of tea itself. The Japanese have developed the tea ceremony to the Japanese tea ceremony as it looks today, while the Chinese entirely shifted to use of loose leaves with focus on making the tea itself.

Matcha tea is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, as a health drink and to flavor various dishes and pastries.

For the preparation of Matcha tea, a whisk of bamboo and a bowl is used. Mix matcha tea with water in a quantity that suits you. The powder will not dissolve in water because it is powdered tealeaves.

Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Taste: Strong well-balanced taste of Japanese green tea
Appearance: Green tea powder

Preparation: 1-2 teaspoons of matcha, 2dl bowl, 80 °C water. Drink after whipping.
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