Wu Yi Huang Guan Yin 50 gram
Oolong te - Yellow Goddes of Mercy
Handpicked oolong tea Huang Guan Yin cultivar grown at an altitude of about 600 meters in the scenic national park Wu Yi, Fujian, China. The name translates into English as the Yellow Goddess of Mercy.

Fujian province, Kina

This tea has in Wu Yi been produced only since 2003, so this is a fairly new product. The tea is not fully traditionally roasted as other Wu Yi teas, and that gives a lighter taste with high aroma and less roasted taste. The harvest of the tea was in spring 2020.

The famous mountain of Wu Yi is a naturally beautiful area that appear on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

Origin: Wu Yi Mountains, Fujian China
Taste: A full-bodied Oolong tea with a sweet flavor with a fruity tone.
Appearance: Free rolled brown leaves.

Steeping Suggestion

Preparation Instructions:
4dl teapot - use about 6 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 1 minute.
2dl teapot - use about 3 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 1 minute.
Second steeping 1.5 minutes, the third steeping increase the time to 2 minutes. Make sure the temperature of the water does not drop, the flavor develops with heat and shall hold 100 °C.
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