Kabuse Tama no Hikari 50 gram
Green tea
Kabuse tea from Uji, Kyoto. A high quality semi-shaded tea produced from Yabukita cultivar. The tea is produced year 2022, first plucking, ichibancha.

Kyoto, Japan

Kabuse tea is a half shaded tea. The tea is shaded from the sun a part of the cultivation time. The tea bushes produce a higher proportion of the amino acid theanine, and the tea will get a dark green color and its delicate sweet taste.

Origin: Uji-tawara, Japan
Taste: Sweet full-bodied tea with a long after-taste.
Appearance: Small green cut leaf in emerald green color. Brew has a yellow color.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping instructions:
2dl - 6g tea in 70 °C water for 1 minute. Pour out to the last drop between steeping's.
Second steeping 75 °C, pour directly.
Third steeping 80 °C, pour directly.