Svart te
Black tea hand picked and produced from wild tea trees from the mountains of Guria, Georgia. The area is an abandoned tea plantation which has become a forest of tea trees and become one with the beautiful surrounding nature. It is the original Chinese introduced tea bushes that has become wild and are now being harvested again. The tea is family-produced on a small scale and is part of the small-scale tea culture that is beginning to grow in Georgia with craft teas.

Georgia has traditionally since the 1800's had a production of teas exported to Russia and the Eastern Europe. Today, the production of tea resumed after an interruption in many parts of Georgia.

Origin: Ozurgeti, Guria, Georgia
Taste: Aromatic deep scent of bloom. Full-bodied tea with a slightly floral character and with hints of honey and blackberries.
Appearance: Whole long tea leaves. Dark orange-colored brew.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping Instructions:
4dl teapot - use about 6 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 1.5 minutes.
2dl teapot - use about 3 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 1.5 minutes.
Second steeping 2 minutes
Third steeping 3 minutes

Longer preparation time gives more strength to the taste. The tea holds for a lot of steepings on the same tea leaf.