Genmaicha 70 gram
Green tea
Genmaicha is a Japanese green tea blended with toasted rice. This is a high grade variety of the tea with a prominent taste of roasted rice.

Kyoto, Japan

Genmaicha is very popular in Japan, and is often used as a refreshing drink together with meals.

Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Taste: A taste of green tea and a prominent taste of roasted rice.
Appearance: small green cut leaves. Toasted rice.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping instructions:
2dl - 6g tea at 70 °C water, 1 minute. Pour out to the last drop between steeping's.
Second steeping 80 °C, pour out directly.
Third steeping 85 °C, pour out directly.

This tea can also be prepared by adding 10 grams in a large teapot and be steeped for 30 seconds.