Banko Shiboridashi Jitsuzan
Japanese teapot
A handmade and well crafted Japanese Banko teapot. The teapot is made of Japanese purple clay, which is hiqh quality natural clay that can withstand very high temperatures when fired.

The teapot is created by the skilled and well-known master Jitsuzan. Jitsuzan is a traditional Japanese craftsman and one of the leading producers of Japanese Banko Teapots. The teapot is made in the Mie Prefecture.

This type of ceramic vessel is well adapted for Japanese tea, the teapot is very small and fits well especially for Gyokuro tea. The tea is put in the teapot, the lid is put on and your tea is pouring out without the smallest tea leaves coming with it.
Dimensions: teapot is about 6 cm high and 9 cm wide with a volume of 1 dl.
Info about Japanese tea: Japanese tea

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