Tea filters 100 pack small -
Empty tea bags to fill with tea. Tea filters size small, 10 cm high and 7 cm wide double-bottomed, larger than a conventional tea bag suited for loose tea. Good to use in teacup or a teapot.

The filter is not bleached with chlorine, it is bleached with oxygen. Produced of Abaca fiber. The package contains 100 pieces of tea filters.

Have you wanted to take with you your own tea to work and avoid teabags? Pack your own teabag and take with you. Teas in tea bags, or in a tea ball has not enough space to unfold the tea leaves. Better suited is teas with small leaves that does not need the same space. Tea bags is an emergency solution when there is no other was.
Dimensions: 10 cm high and 7 cm wide double-bottomed.

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