Mate Roasted 400 gram
Yerba Mate Roasted
Roasted Yerba Mate with roasted taste.

Yerba Mate is a drink originating in South America and is considered the national drink of most of it's states. Enormous amounts of Yerba Mate is consumed in South America.

Our Yerba Mate tea is made from freshly dried leaves. The tea is not as dusty as most of the Mate teas on the market. From our Yerba Mate you will feel a scent of freshness and a charasteristic taste of the leaves.

Mate is traditionally drunk from a gourd, a container made of a hollowed fruit with a hard shell. The custom comes from the indigenous people of South America. A bombilla is used as a strainer, a kind of metal tube with small holes at the bottom.

More about Yerba Mate:

Yerba Mate has an amount of other stimulant substances except caffeine, such as theophylline and theobromine. This in larger amounts than coffee and tea contains. The taste will not get bitter when Mate is steeped for a long time, and when making traditionaly with gourd and bombilla you just continue to pour in the water again and again on the same leaves.

Taste: This drink has strong characteristic taste of greenery and is very refreshing.

Preparation: Mate is preferably made in gourd, which is filled up to half with Mate. You put in your bombilla - straw, pour some cold water and let it steep for a few minutes and then you pour in 70 degree warm water up to the width of the gourd and drink. You can pour in water again for about 8 times.