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Lapacho Peru 70 gram
Herb - Lapacho Yellow
Very high quality Lapacho tea from Peru comes from the tree Tabebuia Serratifolia . We have full control over the whole origin chain and a certificate showing its origin and authenticity. There are nearly 200 species of Tabebuia, and not all have the same chemical composition.

This Lapacho tea is authentic Lapacho tea of one of the species used in Peru, where the tree is used only for the production of tea. The part of tree used for production of a tea is the inner bark. The tree grows in South America and is a resilient tree native to Amazonas.

Lapacho is also known as Inca tea, because it was used by native Americans as a beverage for thousands of years, and is thought to have descended from the Inca culture. Lapacho is a relatively tasty herbal tea. Slightly sweet taste with notes of bark.

Origin: Peru
Taste: A good sweet flavor with tones of bark.
Ingredients: Inner bark of the Lapacho tree.
Latin: Tabebuia Serratifolia


Use about 2.5 gram tea, let simmer with lid on in 4 dl water for 20 minutes.