Glass Teapot 200ml
Teapot in glass 200 ml, strainer builtin in spout
Teapot that holds about as much as a big tea cup. Practical teapot made entirely of glass. You can use this tea pot for all kinds of tea. The teapot is marked with 150ml, but has closer to 200 ml capacity. The teapot is made of borosilicate glass which is scratch-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 150 ° C.

The teapot has a strainer in the spout made of metal to withstand even small leaves. The tea may unfold freely in the teapot which is important for the taste of the tea. You can see the color of the tea and the tea leaves unfold.

The advantage of a small tea pot is that you can easily control the making of the tea and the temperature of the water. Qualitative tea is possible to steep again on the same tea leaves and you will not waste tea.

Dimensions: The teapot is approximately 6 cm high and 8 cm wide without spout, lid and handle. Teapot holds about 250 ml.