Flowering tea 10 pack
Ten very high quality handmade blooming teas flavored with jasmine of which 10 different varieties. The flowering teas are vacuum-packed individually and delivered in a zip lock bag. A great gift, to offer, or to enjoy the tasty teas.

The flowering teas are tied together with the green tea Green Silver Needle with different types of flowers in the center and is flavored with jasmine. A craft from Fujian province in China. Serve the tea in a glass or glass teapot to see the flower bloom. Pour warm water of about 90 ° C to make the flower bloom.

Taste: Distinct taste of Jasmine.
Preparation: Add a ball in the teapot or glass. Pour 90 ° C water over the ball and see the flower slowly unfurl. Pour off almost immediately otherwise it will be too strong. Can be steeped several times, losing some taste.
Ingredients: Green Tea Green Silver Needle, jasmine, lily, osmanthus, marigold, chamomile, Camelia, Carnation. Weight about 85 gram.
The zip bag contains the flowering teas: Oriental Beauty, Lily Basket, Blooming Marigold, Osmanthus Fragrance, Blooming Time, Carnations Love, Beautiful Flowers, Birthday Wishes, Double Happiness, Lily Beauty

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