Yerba Mate Roasted Top Grade 400 gram
Yerba Mate Roasted
Fair Trade Certified Yerba Mate of the highest grade from Brazil. Only the leaves are used for the production of this Yerba Mate tea. The tea is grown in the fertile Valley Iguaçu in Brazil surrounded by nature. This Yerba Mate tea is roasted.

Yerba Mate is a drink with the roots of the Guarani people, the indigenous people of what is now part of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Guarani drank Mate for its stimulating effects.

Yerba Mate is a drink originating in South America and is considered the national drink of most of its states. Enormous amounts of Mate is consumed in South America. Yerba Mate contains caffeine in a lower content than coffee, but contains other stimulating substances, such as theophylline and theobromine in greater quantities than coffee and tea.

Mate is originaly drunk from a gourd, a container created by a hollowing a fruit with a hard shell. A practice followed by the Guarani Indians. A bombilla is used as a strainer, a kind of metal straw with small holes in the bottom. The taste is not bitter even when steeped for long, and with traditional use with gourd and bombilla water is poured continuously over and over again on the same tea leaves.

Origin: Iguaçu Valley i Brasilien.

Flavor: This drink has well balanced roasted flavor.

Preparation: In gourd or teacup fill half with Mate Green, pour a little cold water and let it steep for a couple of minutes. Pour in 70 degree water up to the brim. Pour in water to drink.

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