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Christmas Tea 70 gram

Flavored black tea A flavored black tea with a slightly spicy flavor with taste that relates well to Christmas.

Taste: The taste…

Green Christmas Tea 70 gram

Flavored green tea A flavored green tea with a light spicy flavor of orange and cinnamon.

Taste: The taste is spicy with…

Cocoa Green Org 70 gram

Organic flavored green tea Organic flavored tea with a hint of cocoa.

Taste: Tone of cocoa.
Appearance: The drink has a dark colour.

Black Tea Orange Organic 70 gram

Flavored organic black tea Black Tea Orange is a flavored black tea blended with orange peel. This tea has a mild…

Chai Eko 70 gram

Flavored organic black tea Chai really means tea, but in Sweden and some other countries where Chai is not used…

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White Tea Marigold 70 gram

Flavored white tea An white tea with a flavor of bergamot and vanilla.

The Org-label has been removed from the producer…

Golden Snail 70 gram

Black tea Black tea in the form of small snails grown in Fujian province of China. The shape encloses the aroma…

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