Green tea
Sencha Tenryu harvested early spring first picking 2018. This is a very high quality Sencha tea produced in Hamamatsu mountain area in Shizuoka in Japan. The tea is grown at a height of 350 meter and is produced from Yabukita cultivar. Grown without pesticides.

Shizuoka, Japan

The tea is shaded in the mountain areas naturally from the sun by clouds and give the tea its unique sweet taste and beautiful dark emerald green tea leaves.

Origin: Tenryu, Hamamatsu, Japan
Taste: Strong, balanced rich, full bodied flavor. Sweet and greenish taste.
Appearance: Green straight-cut emerald green leaves.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping Instructions:
2dl - 5g tea at 70 °C water, 1 minute. Pour out all until the last drop between steepings.
Second steeping 75 °C, pour directly.
Third steeping 75 °C, pour directly.

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