Sencha Meiryoku 50 gram
Green tea
Sencha tea harvested in early spring 2020, Ichibancha grown in Kirishima mountain range in Kagoshima, Japan. The tea is produced by the somewhat unusual cultivar Meiryoku, a cross between Yabukita and Yamatomidori.

Kagoshima, Japan

Origin: Makizono, Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan
Taste: Rich, full bodied taste, sweetness, umami, grassy notes.
Appearance: Green straight-cut emerald green leaves.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping Instructions:
2dl - 5g tea at 70 °C water, 1 minute. Pour out all until the last drop between steepings.
Second steeping 70 °C, pour directly.
Third steeping 70 °C, pour directly.

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