Oolong tea
Harvested in the winter of 2020. The tea is hand-picked, hand-made and grown at an altitude of about 2300 m. in Hua Gan, Li Shan, Taiwan. The tea is light oxidized 15% not roasted. The tea is produced by Tie Guan Yin tea cultivar, which is very unusual in Taiwan and all the more rare in the Li Shan mountain range.

Taichung, Taiwan

Winter harvest is considered the best yield for this type of tea, and the height allows the tea to develop slowly. The leaves are thick and large. Li Shan Mountain is very suitable for growing tea, with its fertile soil, foggy mountains, high altitude, low temperatures and fresh air.

Origin: Li Shan, Taiwan
Taste: Very well balanced tea, full-bodied, with a mild and sweet appearance with some aroma and with vegetal hints.
Appearance: Leaves rolled into small balls.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping Instructions:
4dl teapot - use about 6 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 3 minutes.
2dl teapot - use about 3 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 3 minutes.
Second steeping 3 minutes.
Third steeping 4 minutes. Make sure the water temperature does not drop, the flavor develops with the heat.

The tea is suited for many steepings on same tea leaves.