Lapsang Souchong 50 gram
Black tea - Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong
Lapsang is a specialty from the high mountains of Tongmu in the Wu Yi mountains in China and is believed to be the first black tea. The process of the production of Lapsang differs from other black teas. Tea leaves are allowed to wither over fires of pine wood, the tea leaves are then placed on the floor to cool, then the tea leaves are rolled. Tea leaves are allowed to oxidize and when the tea leaves for the greater part are dark, the tea is fried.

Fujian province, China

Tea leaves are then rolled for a second time, liquid is pressed out of the tea leaves that will remain on the surface and will absorb the flavor of the smoke from the last process Xun Bei, which consists of dry tea above smaller fire of pine wood.

Lapsang like many teas from Wu Yi Mountain area is storable and can be stored for several years for the flavor to develop. Unlike cheap parables, smoke is only one of the components of the flavor that is well balanced taste of smokiness and hardwood.

Origin: Xincun, Tongmu, Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province
Taste: Smoky aroma and a taste of hardwood as well balanced with notes of smokiness.
Appearance: Black small leaves.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping instructions:
4dl teapot - use about 6 grams of tea. Pour in 100° water and let it steep for 1.5 minutes.
2dl teapot - use about 3 grams of tea. Pour in 100° water and let it steep for 1.5 minutes.
Second steeping 1 minutes, third steeping increase the time to 1.5 minutes. Make sure the temperature of the water does not drop, taste evolves with heat.