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<h1><p align="center">CONDITIONS FOR SHOPPING AT HOUSE OF TEA</h1></p>


PAYMENT --- (VISA / Mastercard, Pay by bill 19.-, prepayment)
OUR PRICES & SHIPPING --- (29kr within Sweden, weight based shipping table Europe)
SHIPPING --- (2-6 days)
RETURN OF GOODS --- (contact us first)
PRIVACY --- (your data stays with us)
NEWSLETTER in Swedish --- (no spam)
COOKIES --- (must be enabled)
CONTACT US --- (Fastest by E-mail)
DISTRIBUTOR --- (use the contact us form)


If you order before 16: 00 the goods will usually be sent on the same day,


House of Tea Teashop is run by two enthusiasts Eva Strnadova and David Obucina, with the goal of providing tea of highest quality and to spread knowledge about the Asian Tea culture.

We conduct sales only through the Internet and have no physical store. We sell a hand-picked and unique assortment of premium teas and teawares.

The content on this website is protected by copyright belonging to House of Tea. If you wish to use text or images from www.houseoftea.se, link to www.houseoftea.se or to the underpage the picture or text comes from. Contact us for more information.

Do you appreciate our site, our tea and our services, we are more than grateful if you let others enjoy the experience. Link to us on appropriate pages and give others the chance to appreciate our products and our vision.

Since quality is our mantra, we encourage you to share your experience of our tea and our teashop with others. You have an opportunity to write reviews about our products and in this way share your opinion with others.

(Only reviews written in English are presented if you view the website in English, Swedish are presented if you view the website in Swedish)

Customer reviews


House of Tea assortment of premium teas typically comes from small tea producers. We travel to countries of origin to have control and knowledge of what we are selling.

To buy our premium tea does not only tribute small farmers that concentrate on quality rather than quantity, it also tributes the earth that will not be as exhausted by traditional cultivation methods on a smaller scale.

Tea that seemingly may seem expensive is a cheap and nutritious drink seen by the liter price. We select our products with care and the quality is what determines what we buy. Ultimately, you as our customer decides what we will have in our assortment and sell.

Want to know more?

Our standards for sale:
  • Contents

  • If you buy a tea- blend from us, the contents of the tea is stated on the label in Swedish. You can see the contents of a tea by checking out the product information for every tea on the website.

    Our ambition is to always keep current photos. For each shipment we receive, we take a new picture of the product. This ensures that you can identify the quality of a tea by the appearance on the website.

  • Storage

  • We handle teas under the most optimal methods for storage. Teas are not exposed to light, air, and we use appropriate containers. All of our neutral green teas have harvest date stated on the product information page.

  • Suppliers

  • We use a range of suppliers from across Asia and Europe. We handpick our products with care. This gives us a unique product range you will not find elsewhere.

  • Stock-Keeping

  • All goods in the store are in stock, if the product is out of stock, you cannot buy the product.

You can read more about tea and about our view on tea on the link below: (Only in Swedish for now)
About Tea

Do you wish to become a reseller of our products?

Contact Us


Shopping with us is just as easy as in an ordinary store. First, you surf around in the store by clicking on the links in the menu. After selecting a product click either on the name or on the image for more information about the product.
Shopping then takes place in four easy steps:

  • Place all the items you wish to shop in your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart" next to each item. You can change the number of products by changing the "Qty". You can then see the contents of your shopping cart update.

    You can choose to buy more of a variety by choosing more 70 gram packets. If you do not inform us that you wish to have teas packed in separate bags, these might be packed together.

  • Check the detail information of your shopping cart, which you can access by clicking the text "shopping cart" either down to the left or up in the menu on the right side under the logo. In the detailed shopping cart, you can change how many items you want to buy and also remove the products. Click "update" to update your shopping cart contents and "checkout" to proceed with purchase.

  • At the checkout you are asked to enter your name and address and possibly your social security number if you choose to pay by invoice (Sweden only). Your account is created, press "Continue" to proceed with the purchase. Then specify the method of payment. Depending on the payment method you choose, you may need to complete your details.

  • Finally, you get a summary of your purchase, the total price stated and all details of purchase. If you are satisfied, simply confirm by clicking on the "confirm order" button. Until you have pressed the "confirm order", the purchase is not completed. If you choose to complete the purchase, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail and as a confirmation of the order, we will also send out a paper invoice with the package. Payment is done to our bank account number specified on the invoice.


    We sell our teas to a number of countries in Europe.

    For all countries except for Sweden shipping cost is based on a weight table, and you can see the shipping cost after creating an account when you are at the order confirmation page, just before the order is confirmed and completed.


    Customers from European Union countries pay Swedish VAT. No duty is paid.

    Companies that are registered for VAT in another EU country other than Sweden will not pay Swedish VAT if we are informed about the VAT number. The VAT will be manually withdrawn from your order.


    Iceland, Greenland, Switzerland and Norway are not in EU. Customers from countries outside EU do not pay Swedish VAT. Duty and local VAT is paid according to local regulations.

    Customers from Åland do not pay Swedish VAT although Åland is member of EU.


    Shipping cost is calculated according to a postage table based on weight and the shipping cost will be seen at the end of the order before the order is confirmed.

    After creating a customer account with us, VAT will automatically be excluded from the price. This as Norway is not a member of EU and Norwegian customers do not pay Swedish VAT.

    Norway imposes duties and VAT on orders over NOK 200 excluded shipping. No customs duties and VAT for orders bellow 200 NOK.

    No duties are paid for tea and teapots in Norway, for tea and teapots that are bought from us Norwegian VAT might be imposed at customs. See tariff below.

    More information can be found here:
    Duties Tariff - Tea

    Duties Tariff - Teapot

    Hvilke varer er avgiftsfrie?


    1.1 These general conditions are applicable to any orders you make through www.houseoftea.se and all sub pages to this URL.

    1.2 You can order goods in the manner described in the section How to shop at House of Tea. House of Tea reserves the right in individual cases to reject your order.

    1.3 House of Tea takes no responsibility for any inventory differences, technical problems and typographical errors on our website.

    1.4 In order to place orders on www.houseoftea.se you need to be 18 years of age.


    2.1 The payment methods we offer can be found in each region.

    Sweden: VISA / Master Card, Prepayment, Pay by bill.
    Europe: VISA / Master Card, Prepayment.

    Does the credit card transaction not work? Go back, select Prepayment and contact us. We will look at the problem and try to figure out a solution.

    2.2 VISA / Master Card

    2.2.1 On www.houseoftea.se you can pay by Visa or Mastercard. To ensure safety, all information is sent encrypted with SSL. This means that all information is sent via a secure connection that does not allow anyone unauthorized to see your card details.

    2.2.2 House of Tea cooperates with Samport Payment Services AB. Samport is a certified approved payment intermediaries www.samport.com You are transported to Samports encrypted payment page that applies 3D Secure standard for payments. All existing security is used to prevent credit card fraud.

    2.2.3 Problems can occur if your Visa / Mastercard is issued in a country outside the EU area, or if you are not in the country that the cards is issued in. If this happens, go back and choose another payment option, contact us and we will try to find a solution.

    2.2.4 To pay via Internet, your credit card has to be connected to Verified by Visa, Secure Code or E-card. Your bank provides a solution for you to pay online. Contact us or your bank if you have questions about this.

    2.3 Pay by Bill (19kr charge and only for Sweden)

    2.3.1 Billing fee is 19kr. You receive an electronic invoice by email and a paper bill with your shipment.

    2.3.2 When paying by bill you must give us a valid security social number and a credit check will be performed. We reserve the right to determine if you qualify for a payment by bill from us. We will notify you promptly in case an obstacle exists.

    2.3.3 If you have any records for non-payment of debts you will be automatically denied payment by bill. If you are denied this option, you can still buy from us by choosing a different payment option.

    2.3.4 To pay your bill, use our Bankgiro. We do not use OCR, you enter the invoice number and select message instead of OCR. The easiest way is to pay via internet, or use a payment form at your local bankoffice.

    2.4 Prepayment on bank account

    2.4.1 Prepayment is done by transferring money to bankgiro number 5137-0989 within Sweden, for outside Sweden we will email you our bank account information by email with IBAN and Swift. When we receive your deposit we will send your order. Prepayment is not Collect On Delivery.

    2.4.2 There are a couple ways to pay money into a bank account. The easiest way is payment via Bank on the Internet. Log in to your bank and select payment via bank account. Enter BG 5137-0989. Select message instead of OCR, enter the invoice number, which is the same as the order number from us.

    2.4.3 You may make a payment by going to the bank and fill out a payment form.

    2.4.4 If we have not received payment we will send you a reminder email. If we dont get any answer we will cancel the order and restock the goods again.

    3 PRICES

    3.1 All prices include VAT. The VAT rate on tea is 12%. The VAT rate on the billing fee is 12% and the rate of VAT on the shipping fee is 12%, as these are inherited by the lower VAT rate of the commodity, in this case 12% for tea. The VAT rate on teaware is 25%.

    3.2 An invoice is issued and sent by e-mail and a paper invoice is sent with the shipment. The paper invoice is your proof of purchase and the invoice number is to help us to follow your orders.

    3.3 You will pay for the goods plus the freight, eventually billing fee. The total cost is the cost that appears at the end of the purchase on your screen. No additional or hidden charges.


    4.1 Shipping charge is always a fixed price á 29 kr in Sweden, regardless of your order size.

    4.2 Shipping to other countries than Sweden is based on a shipping table based on weight and the cost of shipping will be seen just before the end of the order at the order confirmation page.


    5.1.1 We will send your goods normally same day or the day after the order is placed and payment received. Delivery time is normally 1-5 working days within Sweden.

    5.1.2 We use the Swedish Post or Schenker to send our shipments. Tea varies greatly in volume, and thereof size of your shipment might be different with same weight.

    5.1.3 Swedish Post delivers to your door only packagea that are up to three centimeters wide, for wider packages you will get a note and pick the goods up at your Post distributor.

    5.1.4 We send the products either in an envelope, harder special packaging or corrugated boxes, depending on the nature of the package.

    5.1.5 If you order several teas of the same variety, we may package them in the same bag. Do you wish a bag for each tea quantity, let us know in association with the purchase by using the message form when ordering or by e-mail.


    For all returns please contact us. Do not just send back the goods. Use the contact form and describe the problem.

    6.1 CLAIMS

    6.1.1 Have you received goods other than ordered you have a right to a claim automatically. Contact us at once and we will inform you how we will proceed.

    6.1.2 Contact us whether a product does not meet your expectations, we make an assessment of the case.

    6.1.3 In case of dispute, we refer to ARN (General Complaints) and we always follow their recommendations.

    6.1.4 When approved claim the shipping cost will be paid by House of Tea.


    6.2.1 Any damage to the goods ordered must be notified to us as soon as possible. For complaints due to shipment damage we approve claims automatically. When we have approved the claim we will send you a new product or reimburse you for its value, plus reimbursement for postage.


    Never send an item to us without having communicated with us about this before.

    6.3.1 When buying products by mail order (online or otherwise), you are usually protected by the Distansavtalslagen, which will give you 14 days of moneyback quarantee. This does not apply with regards to drink and food. We ask you in spite of this to contact us whether anything was not to your satisfaction to judge each case individually.

    6.3.2 It is possible to return the goods other than food (eg teaware) within 14 days, you should keep and return us the product in its original packaging.

    6.3.3 When approved money back on the goods you are responsible for shipping charges.


    7.1.1 Your customer data, ie. your name, your e-mail and your address stays with us always. We will not sell or pass under any circumstances your customer information to third parties for marketing purposes or for any other purposes.

    7.1.2 No credit card information are stored on www.houseoftea.se, payment is encrypted on Samport Payment Services AB website.

    7.1.3 The only addition to us who take part of the customer data is the necessary partner to handle our payment Credit Debts and Samport Payment Services AB.

    7.2 Cookies

    7.2.1 Under the Electronic Communications Act, anyone who visits a website with cookies should be informed about it. A cookie is a small file that is uploaded to your computer to establish contact with our server. www.houseoftea.se uses a so-called session cookie, which has a life span of an hour and does not contain any personal information. The only thing cookie does is to ensure that the products you put in the cart are not to be confused with other products shopped by other users.


    8.1.1 If you have not stated during the creation of the customer account that you want our newsletter you will never receive any unsolicited e-mail advertisements from us.

    8.1.2 You can select or deselect newsletter receiving directly from your customer account at our website. You can also send a reply email to the newsletter text REMOVE and we will remove you from our mailing list.

    8.1.3 If you choose to receive newsletters we will send you offers and information that might be useful for you. This information will be from the House of Tea. We do not share your email address to third parties, read more about this in PRIVACY.


    Store House of Tea is run by the company House of Tea. The store is an online shop, delivering high quality tea throughout Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.

    The easiest way to get in touch with us is using the contact form at the store:

    Contact us

    We are located at this address:

    House of Tea
    Åkerbyvägen 88
    18 335 TÄBY

    tel. +46 (0) 8 758 71 62


    Want to become a distributor of a unique high-quality tea assortment imported directly from its country of origin?

    Contact us via the contact form. Be the one of those who discover the difference in your sales by offering customers a real qualitative selection.

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