Traditional gourd with a pattern and a steel ring. A gourd is used as a drink container for Yerba Mate. Gourd, or Calabash is the traditional, natural way to drink Yerba Mate, and it is exclusively what is used for drinking Yerba Mate in South America.

Calabash is a hollowed fruit. Therefore gourds always differ in shape and size. Gourds are hand-made crafts. For a gourd a bombilla should be used, a straw well suited to drink Yerba Mate from.

Before use:
Before you use your gourd fill it up with a couple tablespoons Mate, pour in hot water and leave for up to 24 hours. Then pour out the contents, rinse the calabash and gently scrape the inside of the gourd with a spoon so that all loose comes off. Do not break the middle-pillar.

Rinse the gourd with hot water again, and the gourd is ready to use. Always rinse out the gourd after each use. Note that the gourd changes color after being used for some time.

Preparation of Yerba mate in gourd:
Fill half of the gourd with yerba mate and put in the bombilla - the straw, pour in some cold water and let it steep for a few minutes. Then fill upp the gourd with 70 C degrees water.
Dimensions: Height about 7 cm, width about 8 cm.

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