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Gift articles of different varieties.


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Candle Verona

Candle Verona Aesthetic hand made and designed candle light from the Czech Republic. Dimensions: 6,5 x 12 cm. …

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Flowering tea 10 pack

Flowering tea 10 pack Ten very high quality handmade blooming teas flavored with jasmine of which 9 different varieties. The…

Flowering Tea Gift Box

Gift Box 9 flowering teas Nine different kinds of very high quality hand-knotted flowering teas flavored with jasmine in an…

Gift Package Christmas Teas Org

Organic Gift Package - Christmas package Gift package wrapped in cellophane with six different Organic Christmas teas 70 grams bags wrapped…

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Japanese Cherry Bark 100 gram

Japanese Tin Cherry Bark This tea tin is a Japanese hand-made craft. This type of cherry bark craft is…

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Ka Fuh Japanese Incense

Incense - Kayuragi Wisteria Incense High quality natural incense from Japan. Light floral scent.

The box contains 50 incense sticks…

Matcha tea set

Matcha tea set A set from Japan for Matcha tea with a bowl, a bamboo whisk, a bamboo whisk holder…

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