2012 Bulang Gu Shu Sheng 357 gram
Green Pu-erh tea
High-quality hand-picked first crop tea Qing Ming, of several hundred years old ancient tea tree harvested in 2012. The tea trees grows at high altitude in the mountain range of Bulang, Yunnan. The tea is of cultivar Yunnan Da Ye.

Yunnan province, China

The cake is hand pressed evenly. The color and flavor of the tea show clear signs of maturity. The tea can be stored for many years.

Origin: Bulang, Yunnan, China
Taste: The tea shows maturity, is darker to the color, has some sweetness with bitter tones in the aftertaste.
Appearance: A cake in the form of a round cake with pressed tea.

Steeping Suggestion

Steeping Instructions:
4dl teapot - use about 6 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 2 minutes.
2dl teapot - use about 3 grams of tea. Pour in 100 °C water and let it steep for 3 minutes.
Second steeping 2 minutes, third steeping 2 minutes. Make sure the temperature of the water does not drop, the flavor develops with heat.

Tea can be steeped several times.

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