Sencha Ureshino 50 gram
Green Tea
Japanese Sencha tea of the first picking - Ichibancha, medium-grade steamed - chumushi, harvested in spring 2019. The tea is grown in Saga, Ureshino at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. The tea is shaded from the sun for about 7 days, which enhances the level of teanin and gives a tea with a sweet appearance.

Saga, Japan

Ureshino is surrounded by mountains and nature and is located in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four major islands. The first Japanese tea is said to have been cultivated in Saga, Ureshino.

Origin: Saga, Ureshino, Japan
Taste: Very well-balanced tea with a mild appearance with taste of umami with a sweet note.
Appearance: Green straight-cut emerald green leaves.

Steeping Suggestion

Preparation Instructions:
2dl - 5g tea at 70 °C water, 1 minute. Pour out the last drop between steeping's.
Second steeping 70 °C, pour directly.
Third steeping 70 °C, pour directly.

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