Kabuse Surugawase 50 gram
Green tea
Kabuse tea harvested in the spring of 2020 with origin from Kagoshima. The tea is produced by the very unusual Surugawase tea cultivar. Grown without pesticides. Kabuse tea is shaded from the sun for about 20 days, the tea becomes darker in appearance, the content of the amino acid Theanine increases and the tea assumes a sweeter taste tone.

Kagoshima, Japan

The tea is shaded for 20 days and is classified as a semi-shaded tea. This means that the tea during growth is shaded from sun and gets its dark color and its delicate sweet flavor.

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Taste: Light aroma, hint of flowers, umami.
Appearance: Green small leaves in emerald green color. Brew has a yellow color.

Steeping instructions:
2dl - 5 g tea at 70 °C water, 1min. Pour out to the last drop between steepings.
Second steeping 70 °C, 0 sec.
Third steeping 70 °C, 0 sec.